Thursday, August 8, 2013

a book!

 i didn't lie at all when i said i'd be a better blogger and post more often.


i sure hope i still have my four followers...

life got busy

but then Sarah kept saying
"I keep checking your blog and it's never new"
"i think it's time for another blog post"
and then
"no but seriously. your blog."

so hey, remember Lawrence?

We are getting it (him) published!

Maryanne and I have been having very fancy and official book meetings in coffee shops and road trips to meet our project editor, and late night chats about our launch this November and our future plans to be on Ellen with Channing.

this is the cover:

and a sneak peek of the book(!):

"Lawrence was not exceptionally large, and neither was he exceptionally small. He had two small ears, two brown eyes, a soft pink nose, and a mouth just big enough to capture the juiciest beetles. His quills were average in length, and his mother made sure to clean them properly each morning. All in all, Lawrence seemed to be a relatively normal hedgehog.

However, while Lawrence seemed to be a relatively normal hedgehog, there was something about him that quite set him apart. You see, Lawrence wanted desperately to fly."

For anyone who's interested, we started a facebook page where we'll be posting updates!

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Rebecca and Lori said...

I just saw the cover for this book on your easy shop- it looks absolutely adorable! Congrats!