Monday, April 1, 2013

we named him miles and let him go

Sarah and i caught a salamander today.
depending on who you ask, his name is spelled "miles", or "myles".
either way, his name suited him.
we let him go after he warmed up inside and got covered in dog hair (oops.) 

so it turns out i didn't have to wait for florida after all to catch a gecko (salamander, gecko, sort of the same thing, right? ish.)

we're leaving for florida on wednesday, after spending Pesto Tuesday (it's a thing) with our aunt and uncle in toronto.

after a week in the sun with our grandparents, it's time for book publishing (fingers crossed!), a wedding painting and a nursery painting, too.

^ miles (with an i) ^
must go pack :)



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chasing lightning bugs said...

i hope you're having a wonderful vacation, getting all warmed up for summer.