Friday, January 18, 2013

garden tool green

i don't really know how this started,
but i have a new obsession with the colour green.  not just any green though, 'garden tool green'.  it's way fancier than just 'green'. obviously.

i even made a board on pinterest devoted to it.
that's how far this has gone.

 last week i bought a garden tool green binder for my attempt at organizing Rhubarb invoices.  i'm sure the checkout girl at Staples thought i was crazy for being so excited to find a binder in this rare shade.  i was so excited when i walked out that i ended up walking right into a construction zone.  clearly i need to watch where i'm walking, because this is not the first time i've found myself in a construction zone in front of a 5 foot hole in the road or 10 construction workers sitting on scaffolding above my head...

 still quite excited about it...

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