Tuesday, August 28, 2012

new stores!

I have three new stores!

(this is exciting news when you only had six to begin with)

They are as follows:


The Amber Room is owned by the family of my good friend, Agnes.
I met Agnes on my year off after high school while she, my sister and I worked together.  We were fast friends thanks to our shared love of good food and musicals.  I seem to remember acting out greased lightning while eating pizza and brownies.  Did we do that?  It's a blur of chocolate and cheese and John Travolta.....but I think we did.  Obviously, we're going to be friends forever, after that.  

Monday, August 20, 2012

a very special wedding invitation!

the reveal!

This is the wedding invitation that I did for Maryanne & Scott's wedding in October.

They wanted something fall themed, nature inspired and whimsical.

The tree is based on my favourite tree near where I live (an old hickory tree).

I loved doing this.  It was definitely one of my favourite things to work on. :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Are we in Canada?

Yesterday I came across two things that, separately, are nothing too remarkable, but together, it's a whole different story.  

I stepped on the word destiny carved into a sidewalk
(cool, i know)

I happened upon a billionaire fashion designer's 165ft 10 million dollar Italian yacht
(but that's totally normal around here...right? no.) 

Anyway, it's pretty obvious that the universe is trying to tell me something.

It may as well just come right out and say

you're going to be a billionaire.

 (i'd better go fold some more cards...)

My friend Emily and I talked to one of the 13 crew members on board the yacht, who asked us "Are we in Canada?" :)

P.S.  how many wrong ways are there to spell yacht?  I mean really.  Thank you university degree. 

Monday, August 13, 2012


It happened again,
a very Soulpeppery adventure
and I was maybe even more excited than last time

because this time

I also got to see my relatives
and my sweet and funny cousin
who says
"Oh God bless your soul!"
when you sneeze.

I love going to Soulpepper and seeing Sarah in her shows (The Crucible and The Royal Comedians, in case you're curious!).
I give her standing ovations and clap like it's my job, but I am still too shy to whistle with my fingers - a skill I taught myself especially for occasions such as these.  I need to overcome this shyness and not care about spitting on the fancy woman or the critic or the actor sitting beside me.  next time I will.

My cousin Kathleen and I both agree;
it's very strange to see Sarah on stage in front of hundreds of people,
but we love it (as evident from our many excited pictures before the show). 

While in Toronto, I also had the chance to drop off more cards - and save on shipping!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend...
we are looking at absolutely nothing.  but we feel the need to "do" something in pictures...so we are looking at an imaginary bird (in three slightly different places, apparently).  what an awkward family...
the portrait Sarah drew of me (mentioned in this post).
i am impressed :) 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

emily comes home to me

Emily is home!

She is off at med school during the year and was volunteering at a clinic in Uganda for the past several weeks...she's sort of super smart, if you couldn't already tell.
We met in Mrs. Ralph's grade one class (almost 20 years ago!) and never looked back.  

Yesterday we got caught up over a sushi lunch
where she made me try every kind of raw fish imaginable...even ones I had never heard of.
I'm glad she does this though, otherwise I would only eat the deep fried vegetarian rolls with normal ingredients.  Aren't I so adventurous?

Emily and I love to cook together.
When we're in different cities, we bookmark recipes we want to try and then have baking dates.
These baking dates are what made me realize that I love to cook.  Oh yes, at last my hate-hate relationship with ovens is behind me.  Now it is love-love.

Also, notice the giraffe "Wilberforce" that she brought back from Africa for me! (guest appearing in all photos)

She knows me so well.