Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vintage? Made in Paris? Worn by actors?!

Not so long ago the word "vintage", in my mind, meant

musty attic sweaters
spiders in pockets
and maybe,
just maybe,

cat ladies.

And I am very much a dog person, so being a cat lady was out of the question.

Then I went to Montreal
And on a whim
I bought my first vintage thing - a blazer 

It was a last second purchase 

a book it to the train station kind of deal.

And I probably wouldn't have bought it if my sister hadn't threatened to buy it herself
(she is much cooler than me, so if she liked it, 
I knew it must be good)

I don't remember the name of the store.  Or even the name of the street.  We're lucky I know which city I was in.

This blazer of mine was made in Paris around 1950
and it was a part of the "Centre National du Costume" - worn in theatre, movies, ballet or opera - said the Italian man who owned the shop
And this blazer of mine,
it was one fifth the price of the t-shirt I had bought just ten minutes earlier

Dear vintage, you have won me over
I'm sorry I ever doubted you.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Last Week

A few little pictures from last week's show at
Chasing Lightning Bugs Studio

Thank you again Annette and Tracy
for inviting me to join you in an open studio show!

My favourite part may have been eating rhubarb sauce with spoons to celebrate after the show :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Meet Rhubarb

This is Shep, a.k.a. Rhubarb
I thought you should meet...

They don't come cuter.

He is a border collie greyhound cross.
He's often (always) mistaken for a girl
and it's probably my fault...
I've turned him sappy

I tell people he's just an elegant and dapper old man. 

He's sure come a long way from his days at the pound...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

One Show, Two Show

This week I have two shows

One is on Thursday from 3 - 9 at
(i know, it's the best name ever)

Come visit for the Open Studio!
55 Mowat Avenue
in Portsmouth Village

I will be the guest artist to Annette 
who does beautiful quilts, paintings and collage

and Tracy
who does encaustic paintings and felted ceramic vases

(just to name a few!)

Apart from being talented and inspiring artists, they also happen to be the nicest people ever.
So come visit us tomorrow, in the little white house!

Annette's Etsy shop here
Tracy's Etsy shop here

 . . .

Then on Saturday, I will be at Birth Fest

It's a show
(that was not my first guess)
that celebrates pregnancy, birth and parenting
Portsmouth Olympic Harbour
from 10-2


Monday, June 11, 2012

happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Dad!

I thought I'd share some reasons why I think you're "pretty good"
ps. by "pretty good" I'm referring to your definition, not most people's. ha!

. . .

1.  you grow a million tomatoes every summer and they're soo good

2.  you're maybe somewhat good at ping pong and you've had the ping pong cup for a while (don't get attached, I will win it back one day...)

3.  you say "so long" instead of "bye"

4.  you answer all of my silly questions about the universe

5.  you make the best ribs ever

6.  you are calmer than a praying mantis

7.  you teach me how to say things in German, even though no one can understand me

8.  you have a cool name that my friends and I used to chant at recess

9.  you are friends with everyone you meet

10.  you never hesitate to help someone 

. . .

Some pictures I found from long ago.
I'm sure you were pretty good then too.

Happy Birthday!
I love you.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Zebra Named Pierre

A few years ago I came across some abandoned toy zoo animals and a buzz lightyear. They were in the middle of the road, in the middle of nowhere. I collected the zebras and giraffe and took them home with me (buzz wasn't so lucky). I gave the giraffe to my friend Emily, who named him Giovanni and then boiled him (good idea!) before she took him away to med school with her. I gave the smallest zebra to Sarah, so he now lives in Toronto. My zebra, Pierre, lives with me.  I've always wanted to paint him, so for my latest card, I finally did.   
I made Rhubarb crisp on the weekend
and ate it for every meal

because apple crisp just wouldn't make sense