Thursday, May 31, 2012


is Maryanne

is one of my best friends

In October, she will marry Scott

Together, I call them Scaryanne
 but I can assure you, they are far from scary

. . .

Long ago, we made a deal: 

I will design her wedding invitations;
She will sing at my wedding (she is so so good)

. . .

My end of the deal came up first

So we have been having little "design sessions" in coffee shops and such

Last night, we started at Menchie's

Then, we walked around town and took pictures

She told me to look 


But that is hard to do

if you are naturally

a very awkward person

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Sister, A Soulpeep

Over the finally happened.  My family and I went to Toronto to see my sister, Sarah, in her Soulpepper Collective "Dirt".  I had been waiting for this day for so. long.  And in case you were wondering, yes, there was a giant pile of dirt on the stage.  It was rolled around in, toasted in wine glasses and showered on people {not in the audience - thankyouthankyou}. And i loved it.  I might be a little bit biased though.  It was funny and deep and so creative.  We saw it on closing night, so now the actors are already rehearsing for their next shows that will open this summer....while I count down the days. 

I also loved being in Toronto's Distillery District.  I mean gosh, look at this place (below).  No wonder it's the backdrop for so many movies.  And as much as I love Instagram, this place doesn't even need it.  I am a wee bit (a lot) envious that Sarah gets to go to work here everyday.  And walk along the brick streets.  And order the best fries ever from Pure Spirits (with garlic aioli to dip them in).  And be a part of this beautiful and creative atmosphere everyday.

This is how I first discovered Distill Gallery about a year ago, when Sarah was accepted into the Soulpepper Theatre Academy.  It is one of my favourite stores and I always want to buy every single thing in it (yes, I do in fact need 37 silver rings).  Last year, it was my goal to get Rhubarb in Distill.  It was nice to visit Allison again and drop off my latest Father's Day, Wedding and Sympathy cards.

       . . .      

P.S.  Can you spot the wedding party in this first pic?
I tried to get the woman in the red polka dot dress, but ended up a wedding photographer instead...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A few little pictures...

A few little pictures from here and there.

Can you tell I like birds?
  I don't actually. They seem to terrify me, just a bit.

Oh hi

I say "Oh" a lot. Far too much. Oh hi. Oh bye. Oh sure. Oh really? 
Yes, really. I am very aware of this fact, but it's become a habit and a hard one to kick. Not a good habit for interviews and the like.

    Oh, and this is my little blog to document my work at Rhubarb and share the things I welcome.