Thursday, August 8, 2013

a book!

 i didn't lie at all when i said i'd be a better blogger and post more often.


i sure hope i still have my four followers...

life got busy

but then Sarah kept saying
"I keep checking your blog and it's never new"
"i think it's time for another blog post"
and then
"no but seriously. your blog."

so hey, remember Lawrence?

We are getting it (him) published!

Maryanne and I have been having very fancy and official book meetings in coffee shops and road trips to meet our project editor, and late night chats about our launch this November and our future plans to be on Ellen with Channing.

this is the cover:

and a sneak peek of the book(!):

"Lawrence was not exceptionally large, and neither was he exceptionally small. He had two small ears, two brown eyes, a soft pink nose, and a mouth just big enough to capture the juiciest beetles. His quills were average in length, and his mother made sure to clean them properly each morning. All in all, Lawrence seemed to be a relatively normal hedgehog.

However, while Lawrence seemed to be a relatively normal hedgehog, there was something about him that quite set him apart. You see, Lawrence wanted desperately to fly."

For anyone who's interested, we started a facebook page where we'll be posting updates!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

...and then a month later

oh, my poor neglected blog.
how did this happen?

maybe i'm still in vacation mode.

i really wouldn't mind moving to florida....i kind of love it there.

below are a few of my favourite pictures from our trip

^^only in a seniors community would you have memorials and street parties on the same day^^

^^so this is where i get it from^^

until next time, florida!

so, i'll try to be a better blogger. i have some exciting book news to share soon, and some wedding art, too.

Monday, April 1, 2013

we named him miles and let him go

Sarah and i caught a salamander today.
depending on who you ask, his name is spelled "miles", or "myles".
either way, his name suited him.
we let him go after he warmed up inside and got covered in dog hair (oops.) 

so it turns out i didn't have to wait for florida after all to catch a gecko (salamander, gecko, sort of the same thing, right? ish.)

we're leaving for florida on wednesday, after spending Pesto Tuesday (it's a thing) with our aunt and uncle in toronto.

after a week in the sun with our grandparents, it's time for book publishing (fingers crossed!), a wedding painting and a nursery painting, too.

^ miles (with an i) ^
must go pack :)



Friday, March 22, 2013


Sarah is back from her BC portion of her performances with Red Sky.  while she was over there, I sent her to Meadow to see my cards and meet Sasha.  she went with the other actors and took pictures.  she was excited (obviously...look at her face in that picture), but maybe not as excited as i was.

Next week Maryanne and I are having a "Lunch & Lawrence Meeting" to plan how and where we're going to publish our little book.  Ellen is waiting anxiously, i'm sure. and no one wants to let Ellen down...

The week after next Sarah and I are going to Florida to visit our grandparents.  after this winter, i am very much ready for some warm weather, rollerblading everywhere and reading on the beach.  i would also like to catch a gecko, but i don't see that happening...   

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

the last few weeks...

the last few weeks...

i set foot in a gym for the first time in my life

at said gym, i went to a 'body flow' class with my friend/co-worker, Ashley.  we could not, for the life of us, synchronize our arm movements to everyone else's.  we're practicing at work...

i got new giant hipster glasses
i sang happy birthday to Sarah, who is in British Columbia with a traveling performance company called Red Sky

i painted a mother's day card with sparkly gold paint on black paper

i ate more than my fair share of pesto, cupcakes and butter tarts (thanks to Robyn who shipped me 30 butter tarts from across the country.  Even though it's sad to have a best friend so far away, getting that kind of mail is super fun).

and i had one of my favourite conversations to date with my dad.  It went something like this:

me:  i'm going to go to spin class with you.  what do people wear?

dad:  oh you know, the women wear, like, jumpsuit outfits.

me:  um, so, what's a jumpsuit outfit?

dad:  you know, like a bathing suit, but longer.

me:  do you mean yoga clothes?

(he meant yoga clothes....)



Sunday, February 10, 2013

new stores!

i have two new stores in a new city!

this garden tool green invoice binder is starting to come in handy...


maybe one day i'll need a garden tool green room for all of my garden tool green invoice binders...hmm.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

a dog blog post

a cute blue eyed husky made my day today

as he and his owner were walking past the wine shop where i was on my break 
(just to be clear, i was not drinking wine...i was getting coffee)

he stopped in front of the window when he saw me frantically waving like a mad woman
(dogs bring out the "mad woman" in me...)

he walked up to the window,
put his front paws on the ledge

and then high fived me through the glass.

hello.  day made.

i think i'm in love.
don't tell shep.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

so hey there winter...

...i know you're trying to ruin my life

what with your -23 degrees

and your almost stealing the life out of my nose and whatnot.

well let me tell you, it's not going to work.

even though you made me really, really want to indulge my inner hermit today...i had things to do.

and it turned out to be a great day.

(minus that time you made my eyes tear up and freeze *half* open.  i'm sure that was a pretty sight for all)


today i sold 46 cards

and got two new stores (which i'm so excited to share!)

and made pesto.

You know making pesto is my passion, winter.

you can't ruin a day that involves pesto.  ever.